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10 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

10 Tips To Selling Your Home in the Winter

You may have heard the saying “we are going to wait until spring to sell our home, when the flowers and trees begin to bloom, and the grass has thawed to a beautiful green color.”

I may be surprising to hear, homes do sell in the winter here in Boise. While the landscaping is not perfect, it may be filled with melting snow, droopy shrubs, or the bleak brown colored lawn, buyer’s are looking beyond the exterior look of the home, and focusing on what they find in the home!

Let’s go over the top 10 tips for selling your home in the winter!

1.  Make sure the driveway and sidewalks are free of snow and ice. When a Buyer pulls up to the home and sees the pathways are clear to the front door, it eliminates the fear of navigating safely to the front door. Also, it shows the seller has a sense of pride in ownership and keeps up with the home maintenance even in the cold winter months.

2. Clear off any decks or patios.  It may be cold outside, but it is still important to show off the great exterior features of the home to a prospective buyer.  Also, clear a pathway to any exterior sheds or outbuildings.  It just needs to be wide enough so the buyer can look at all the added features to the home.

3. Remove any ice dams from the roof, and icicles from the eaves. Both have the potential to cause future damage to the home. Clearing any icicles removes the concern for injury to you and any buyer’s when viewing the home.

4. Declutter. Every buyer needs to be able to envision themselves living in the home. So the first step is to neutralize the home. This means using minimal furniture, simple color palettes, and very few knick knacks. Open spaces are so much more welcoming and inviting. So be sure to keep the home open and airy. For a brighter look, change all the bulbs, turn on all the lights, and open all the window coverings.

5. Glow Up The Outside. During evening tours,  make sure to turn on any exterior lights, both in the front and backyard. Walking up to a well lite front porch is very inviting, and show off the backyard before anyone takes a step outside.

6. Fireplace. If space allows inside of the fireplace, add some flameless candles to give it special attention and a glow to the living area. You never want to leave a gas or wood burning fireplace burning in your absence. 

7. Provide a rug for wet shoes at the front door.   Remember you will typically have at least 2 people, maybe more, viewing your home.  Give them a place to leave their boots and shoes so your floors will not be wet and dirty.

8. It’s okay to say no to a showing request. that is right in the middle of a family gathering or party. If you get a tour request that does not work in your schedule, request the tour to be reschedule for another day or time. There is always a solution that can work for both the seller and the buyer.

9. Around the holidays, plan to take the inside decorations down on January 1st.  Once the first of the year rolls around, the decorations are still up after the first of the year it will start to be a distraction to the buyer. 

10. Selling in the fall or winter may require additional planning with school aged children .  If you have school-aged children, moving mid-year can have its challenges with the commute to their school, their studies, and school sports, but it’s a great idea for people who want to make a fast, smart and decisive move. I can help you with the timing and staging to make things go just right, and help you move and transition into the home of your dreams!

Serous buyers are the people braving blizzards and cold weather just to come tour your home! They’re interested in buying homes in the winter, and they’re interested in buying now!

Jan Nowak

Jan Nowak

Hey Boise! I am Jan Nowak. I’ve had the incredible fortune to move to this amazing area 30 years ago! I have witnessed so much change in the Treasure Valley and would love to share what has changed to date. I am a real estate associate broker with a passion for finding new places to explore in and around Boise. When I am not selling homes, you can find me running or walking with my dog's Hudson and Briann, riding my new "E" bike, on a road bike adventure, or taking in all that Boise has to offer with family and friends. I look forward to connecting with you soon! Or see you around town! Jan Nowak | [email protected] | 208-609-9043
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